Core Values | Orthosensor Inc.

Core Values

We advance patient outcomes. Our success is based on the following cultural tenets:

Team of Best People

We recognize that the diversity and talents of our collective team produce the best results. We reward team and individual success and invest in our future as a learning organization. Our self-driven employees instinctively find ways to contribute to the organization.

Accountability and Trust

We foster a collaborative, supportive and committed environment. We inspire trust by having integrity, taking responsibility for our actions and delivering results.


We are strategy-minded and highly focused on execution. We consciously prioritize our time, efforts and resources to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Quality Driven Innovation

We innovate to simplify the complex with focus on customer experience. We continuously improve our products, services and processes with a commitment to quality. We maintain an entrepreneurial spirit.

Committed Stewardship

We recognize our personal responsibility to patient outcomes and business success. We fulfill this obligation by delivering value to all stakeholders.

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