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BOONE, Iowa—Boone County Hospital now utilizes an innovative sensor-assisted technology called VERASENSE in total knee replacement (TKR). This disposable orthopaedic device used for primary and revision TKR is the latest innovation in sensor and wireless communications. Dr. Craig Mahoney, orthopaedic surgeon, Iowa Ortho and the Boone County Hospital (BCH) Specialty Clinic, is currently utilizing this […]

From messaging apps for hospital workers to surgeons training with VR, startups are working to transform patient care in the hospital. Digital health continues to be on investors’ minds as the industry is on track for a record year with $7.2B in funding to private companies in the space. Digital health companies vary widely in […]

Health care is an industry with no shortage of challenges — from grappling with daily emergencies to staying on top of the latest regulatory changes — to ensure that health care providers stay on top of the latest in cutting-edge health services for their patients. The Business Journal has recognized these 98 executives as Power […]

From connected knee implants to laser-based cancer treatments, these companies are working to advance patient care. Medical device funding is on track to reach $3.5B in 2016, a slight increase over last year’s dollar total. Since 2012, most funding to medical device startups has occurred in the United States, with NEA leading venture capital activity […]

DANIA BEACH, FL (March 1, 2016) – OrthoSensor, Inc., a leader in sensor-assisted technology today announced its presence and its schedule of events at the 2016 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, from March 2 – 4. OrthoSensor will highlight new VERASENSE™ Sensor-Assisted Technology clinical results […]

Aired: November 19, 2015 Written and produced by Tim Didion KGO-TV (SAN FRANCISCO, OAKLAND, SAN JOSE) – Millions of Americans undergo knee replacement surgery every year, but success can often hinge on the fit. Now, a new device in the Bay Area is making knee replacement surgery more precise. Michael Evans is a former surfer who’d […]

by Curt MacDougall, November 13, 2015 Consider these facts taken from a recent National Center for Health Statistics report: In 2010, total knee replacement was the most frequently performed inpatient procedure on adults aged 45 and over. From 2000 through 2010, an estimated 5.2 million total knee replacements were performed, with the rate of procedures […]

Aired: July 29, 2015 WPVI-TV PHILADELPHIA — Horses have always been Barbara Rosoff’s passion. “It’s like breathing,” Barbara says. “I trained and boarded horses, taught lessons, I’ve worked with the handicapped,” she continued. She even founded a non-profit to introduce cancer patients to riding. But when bad knees started to get in the way. She had her […]

OrthoSensor is proud to have its VERASENSE technology highlighted in the NYU Langone Orthopaedic Surgery 2014 Year in Review. The division also continues to investigate new approaches to joint reconstruction, such as its pioneering work with…VERASENSE™, a technology that measures and wirelessly transmits joint forces during knee replacement surgery, allowing surgeons to…balance the joint. “When the […]

NBC4 Los Angeles – KNBC Dr. Jaime Hernandez, an orthopedic surgeon at Northridge Hospital in Northridge, CA, is using breakthrough technology such as the VERASENSE Knee System to help perfect his total knee replacement procedures.  He utilizes VERASENSE to ensure the knee implant is properly balanced, which he says is the most important part of […]

Digital Health Startups Shatter Previous Funding Records Garnering $1.97B in 2013 Funding in digital health startups reached an all time high in 2013, with some investors investing in multiple deals throughout the year. Posted in Mobile Health by Arundhati Parmar on January 3, 2014 Funding of digital health companies in 2013 shattered all previous records […]

November 12, 2013 Both Stryker and Biomet have recently signed up to OrthoSensor’s sensor-assisted knee replacement technology. Now Zimmer Holdings, Inc., has also entered into a co-marketing partnership which will marry Zimmer knee systems with OrthoSensor’s VERASENSE™ Sensor-Assisted Technology. Background It’s perhaps unsurprising that knee replacement turns out to be about more than straightforward joint […]

Walter Eisner • March 20, 2013 Biomet, Inc., with its Vanguard knee system and OrthoSensor, Inc. with its wireless VERASENSE sensors, are forming a co-promotion partnership to, according to a March 18, 2013 press release, “improve knee replacement surgery.” VERASENSE is a trial bearing designed for use with the Vanguard Complete Knee System, which is […]

Written By Tanu Trivedi | 19 March 2013 Biomet Inc . and OrthoSensor have collaborated for Biomet ‘s Vanguard Complete KneeSystem and OrthoSensor ‘s VERASENSE.VERASENSE…has been created to be used with the Vanguard Complete Knee System, which is fixed with sensors and microelectronics to offer surgeons real-time knee kinetic data. These sensors wirelessly send data […]

Mar 15, 2013 Biomet Inc. and OrthoSensor are kicking off this year’s annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in Chicago, Ill., with news of a partnership. On the first day of the event, Biomet, the Warsaw, Ind.-based manufacturer of orthopedic and biotechnology products, and OrthoSensor, a Sunrise, Fla.-based maker of intelligent […]

NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Adopts Sensor Assisted Orthopedic Surgery Hospital for Joint Diseases First In Northeast to Use Sensor-Assisted Device to Enhance Surgical Precision During Total Knee Replacement Technology Provides Real-Time Visual Data During Surgery, Enhancing Surgical Skills and Enabling Consistent Joint Positioning, Longevity and Long-term Outcomes February 27, 2013 – 3:47pm Orthopaedic surgeons […]

Orthosensor Knee Trial January 2013 Orthosensor is our second runner up in the orthopaedic category. The nominator’s detailed submission impressed the panel. They said, “The Orthosensor Knee Balancer is revolutionising total knee arthroplasty. Orthopedic Surgeons generally rely on their experience and intra-operative ‘feel’ to evaluate whether a knee is properly balanced. The Orthosensor knee balancer […]

BY JOSEPH A. MANN JR | December 2, 2012 Hundreds of thousands of Americans receive knee replacement surgery each year as Baby Boomers age and strive to remain active. While prosthetic knees are expected to last as long as 20 years, the failure rate due to improperly balanced replacements or post-operative infection is a serious concern, […]

OrthoSensor: Will Sensor-Enabled Data Transform Orthopedics? By David Cassak | June 2011 OrthoSensor is building a three-legged platform, with intelligent implants, and analytics, all driven by sensor and other micro-electronics technology that feed back to surgeons vital data both intra- and post-operatively. Critical to OrthoSensor’s strategy: that improving outcomes in orthopedic surgery rests on developing better, […]

by Tina Tan | May 2011 Medtech Ventures Specialty area(s): Intelligent orthopaedic surgical instruments, implants and analytics Based in: Sunrise, Florida Founded in: [2006]* No. of employees: 10 full time employees and outsourced product development and contract manufacturing Total investment received to date: $27m Investors: Ziegler Meditech Equity Partners and a number of unnamed strategic investors Annual hospital charges […]

OrthoSensor is moving orthopaedics surgery from an art to a science. By Maria Fontanazza | February 2011 Evidence-based medicine is becoming more important than ever, and OrthoSensor is taking the next logical step forward by embarking on new territory—intelligent orthopaedic devices. The technology is designed for evidence-based orthopaedic surgery and remote implant monitoring. “Our belief is […]

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