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Technology and Vision

The guiding vision of OrthoSensor® is to lead the global transformation of data-driven decision making in orthopedic care to improve clinical and economic outcomes for healthcare stakeholders. OrthoSensor is positioned to contribute in the convergence of technology, cloud computing, and traditional orthopaedic implants and instrumentation. It’s the promise of sensor-assisted technology that’s transforming the vision of OrthoSensor into products intended to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Technology Behind Sensor-Assisted Device

OrthoSensor’s technology makes use of smart technological devices, such as those developed and miniaturized for smartphones. Some examples of this technology include integrated circuits, digital signal processors, RFID and embedded biosensors.

Leaders in the Evolution of Orthopaedic Surgery

OrthoSensor is leading the evolution of orthopaedic surgery as more surgeons begin using advanced surgical technologies and new analytical and implantable products. The new technologies and products from OrthoSensor will help transform orthopaedic surgery from a mechanical procedure mainly concerned with form, fit and function into an evidence-driven science.

Future Technologies*

OrthoSensor already offers surgeons intraoperative benefits with VERASENSE, a disposable sensor-assisted technology for primary and revision total knee replacement.  Our implantable sensor technology will change the way healthcare professionals receive important patient information related to knee implants post-operatively. These implantable sensors, currently in development, will feature advanced embedded microelectronics placed in permanent knee implants to wirelessly send patient information to healthcare professionals.

*Certain devices described in this section of the web site may not yet have been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and therefore, are not yet available for sale or use by a physician.

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