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VERASENSE Has Shown to Potentially Reduce the Rate
of Primary TKA Revision

Financial Burden of TKA Revisions

2013 Medicare Provider Analysis and Review File (MED PAR)1

The annual healthcare financial burden of revision total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is estimated at $2.7 billion based on average hospital charges of $73,000 per case. Analysis of facility costs and Medicare reimbursements shows over 90% of hospitals lose money on revision TKA, with a loss of nearly $10,000 per procedure.

Sensor-Assisted TKA: Multicenter Study

KA Early Revision Burden (<2 Years, Soft-Tissue Complications)

VERASENSE multi-center study patients showed an almost 75% lower rate of revision TKA compared to national averages. This reduction represents clinical and financial benefit to both patients and providers.


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