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Orthopedic Design & Technology – Biomet and OrthoSensor Start AAOS With Partnership

Mar 15, 2013

Biomet Inc. and OrthoSensor are kicking off this year’s annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in Chicago, Ill., with news of a partnership.

On the first day of the event, Biomet, the Warsaw, Ind.-based manufacturer of orthopedic and biotechnology products, and OrthoSensor, a Sunrise, Fla.-based maker of intelligent orthopedics announced a co-promotion partnership involving Biomet’s Vanguard knee implant system and OrthoSensor’s VERASENSE technology.

VERASENSE is a trial bearing designed for use with the Vanguard knee implant, which is embedded with sensors and microelectronics to provide surgeons with real-time knee kinetic data. The sensors wirelessly transmit information to a graphic display, allowing surgeons to quantify soft tissue loads throughout the range of motion. This, according to Biomet and OrthoSensor officials, enables the surgeon to make informed adjustments to the soft tissues and implant placement in order to allow for overall knee balancing. Research cited by the companies showed that soft tissue balance may aid in the reduction of pain, polyethylene wear, and aseptic loosening while improving patients’ ability to sense movement within joints and joint position.

“Combining Biomet’s Vanguard knee system with VERASENSE takes knee replacement surgery to a new level of precision by providing surgeons with actionable, intraoperative data to quantify and verify that they balance a knee implant properly during total knee replacement surgery,” said Jay Pierce, CEO of OrthoSensor.

Todd Davis, Biomet’s vice president of Global Knees, said his company was “thrilled” with its relationship with OrthoSensor, predicting that the technology’s impact on optimal knee placement would be “dramatic.”

Showcasing VERASENSE is OrthoSensor’s highlight at AAOS. VERASENSE is a single-use instrument system that replaces the standard plastic tibial trial spacer block used during knee replacement surgery.

The technology will be featured in a video abstract shown at the AAOS Orthopaedic Video Theater. The video, OVT#19, is titled “Quantifying Sagittal Plane Kinetics and Flexion GapBalance in TKRs Utilizing Integrated Sensors” by Martin W. Roche, M.D. and Christopher R. Anderson. It will be presented daily beginning Tuesday, March 19, from 8 a.m. (Central time) to 6 p.m. through the remainder of the conference in Academy Hall B of the McCormick Center.

The company will also hand out a new white paper highlighting the benefits of its technology, titled “Intraoperative Sensors for Dynamic Feedback During Soft Tissue Balancing, Preliminary Results of a Prospective Multi Center Study.”

“We are thrilled to be introducing VERASENSE, the first intra-operative system to combine balancing and alignment capabilities,” added Pierce. “Intelligent orthopedics is a new field that harnesses the latest innovations in sensors, microelectronics and wireless communications with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes and reducing the cost of treating musculoskeletal disease. OrthoSensor is proud to have such a robust presence at this year’s AAOS meeting and showcase the early value being realized from intelligent orthopedics.”

OrthoSensor is exhibiting in booth number 452. Biomet is in booth 3429.


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