OrthoSensor Receives Which Medical Device of the Year 2012 Award | Orthosensor Inc.

OrthoSensor Receives Which Medical Device of the Year 2012 Award


Orthosensor Knee Trial

January 2013

Orthosensor is our second runner up in the orthopaedic category. The nominator’s detailed submission impressed the panel. They said, “The Orthosensor Knee Balancer is revolutionising total knee arthroplasty. Orthopedic Surgeons generally rely on their experience and intra-operative ‘feel’ to evaluate whether a knee is properly balanced. The Orthosensor knee balancer replaces the standard tibial spacer block that surgeons use to position a knee implant. The OrthoSensor Knee Balancer is embedded with sensors that provide surgeons with actionable data on implant fit and soft tissue kinematics, throughout a full range of motion. The sensors wirelessly transmit key information to a graphic display, enabling surgeons to visualize and quantify joint balance and load. With this evidence, surgeons can make informed adjustments to the soft tissues to optimize implant placement. Orthosensor is currently evaluating soft tissue balance and positioning in a multicenter study that is currently ongoing. Ligament releases that are performed and their effect on knee balance, and sensor data will be correlated to patient specific outcomes.”

Our judges felt that this is an interesting device which like the eLibra ligament system and traditional mechanical balancing devices, aims to provide objective intra-operative data to guide the surgeon in balancing the ligaments. If it proves effective in clinical trials, this has the potential to improve outcomes for patients undergoing knee replacement. This makes it a strong contender for device of the year. Unfortunately, we could not find clinical data to prove the efficacy of the device yet so it didn’t quite make our pick of the year.



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