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Discover the Benefits of Sensor-Assisted Knee Replacement

Knee replacements have been performed in the U.S. since the 1960s. Significant improvements in surgical techniques, implants and instrumentation have led to a longer lasting artificial knee with improved restoration of function. With proper rehabilitation to regain muscle strength and motion, current knee replacements are expected to improve quality of life for 15 years or more.

One advantage of having a knee replacement today is the availability of new technology that gives your doctor important information during surgery. With OrthoSensor’s new technological advancements, surgeons can now perform a sensor-assisted knee replacement with VERASENSE™.


Why Sensor-Assisted Knee Replacement Might Be Beneficial for You

There are a couple major factors that are important to your surgeon to ensure a successful outcome after knee replacement: soft tissue balance and proper implant position. Lack of proper soft tissue balance or imprecise implant positioning may result in stiffness, pain, instability and limited range of motion.  This may result in premature implant failure and the need for revision surgery in the future.


Previously surgeons had to rely solely on experience and feel to judge soft tissue balance during surgery; today VERASENSE sensor-assisted technology provides surgeons with measurable information to establish soft tissue balancing during surgery. In a multicenter study with 135 patients and eight contributing surgeons, 97% of balanced patients were satisfied to very satisfied two years after knee replacement surgery.24

In addition to increased satisfaction after surgery, patients whose surgeon uses VERASENSE sensor-assisted technology during total knee replacement may experience:

    • Less pain
    • Quicker return to normal activity
    • Improved knee function
    • Increased activity levels23, 24, 27

Want to learn more about VERASENSE? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

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