VERASENSE Patient Stories

Learn what others have to say about their knee replacement with VERASENSE™ and how it has allowed them to get back to a life with less pain and increased activity.

Patient Success: 70-years-Young Dancer Phyllis Kellerman

The pain in Phyllis Kellerman’s right knee was so bad she couldn’t even stand to put weight on that leg. So, she turned to Dr. Martin Roche at Holy Cross Orthopedic Institute who performed a total knee replacement with VERASENSE. Today, Phyllis’s right knee feels as good as it did before it started hurting, and she’s ready to get her left knee done.

Patient Success: Richard Lentz Back in Action After Knee Replacement with VERASENSE

Richard Lentz underwent knee replacement with VERASENSE in January 2014 after living with pain in his left knee for years. Richard said, “If there’s one piece of advice I could give to someone, it would be: Don’t put up with the pain for as long as I did; it will only get worse. Get your knee replacement sooner, rather than later.”

VERASENSE Featured on The Doctors: GPS For Knee Surgery

Los Angeles Police Officer Sandra Liddy injured her knee so badly in a training exercise that it left her unable to do her job. So she turned to Dr. Jaime Hernandez for a brand new technique in knee replacement surgery.

Patient Success: Carl Clements Double Knee Replacement with VERASENSE

“The best part of having both of my knees replaced was being able to enjoy my dream wedding at 60 pain-free, just three months after surgery,” said Carl C. Clements of Fort Myers, Florida.

Breakthrough Technology Means Better Knee Surgeries NBC4 Los Angeles – KNBC

Dr. Jaime Hernandez, an orthopedic surgeon at Northridge Hospital, is using breakthrough technology such as VERASENSE to help improve his total knee replacement procedures. He utilizes VERASENSE to ensure the knee implant is better balanced, which he says is the most important part of a knee replacement.

Better Balance: Swinging Into Action After Knee Replacement Surgery Bethesda Life

Dr. Elvis Grandic, an orthopaedic surgeon at Bethesda Health in Boynton Beach, FL, is the first surgeon in southern Palm Beach County to use VERASENSE to improve soft tissue balance and stability of the knee during total knee replacement surgery.