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Redefining The Future of Medicine: 72 Medical Device Startups Advancing Treatment And Prevention

From connected knee implants to laser-based cancer treatments, these companies are working to advance patient care.

Medical device funding is on track to reach $3.5B in 2016, a slight increase over last year’s dollar total. Since 2012, most funding to medical device startups has occurred in the United States, with NEA leading venture capital activity and Johnson & Johnson Innovation leading corporate investment.

We used CB Insights data to identify 72 private medical device companies and mapped them according to the 9 main categories they operate within. While most of the companies work in a single medical specialty such as cardiology or orthopedics, there are many that work across specialties, such as in diagnostics or patient monitoring. In these cases, the company was categorized based on the category that best highlights their main product or service…This market map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in this space. There are more than 7,000 medical device startups tracked on CB Insights…

Here are the primary medical device categories in our map:

General Surgery – Companies developing advances to common surgical techniques as well as procedures such as suturing. Examples include SentreHEART, which is working on suture delivery devices, and Gecko Biomedical, inventors of an elastic alternative to traditional sutures.

Cardiovascular – Companies developing medical or surgical solutions to diseases affecting the heart and/or vascular system. Examples include Mitralign, which focuses on heart valve abnormalities, and CardioKinetix, which develops devices to treat peripheral artery disease.

Ophthalmology – Companies developing medical and/or surgical solutions to diseases affecting the eye. Examples include Ivantis, which concentrates on glaucoma, and Acufocus, which develops treatments for presbyopia – the inability to focus up close — and cataracts.

Orthopedics – Companies focused on surgical and/or medical solutions to conditions affecting the skeletal system. Examples include a developer of spinal implants, Benvenue Medical, and OrthoSensor, which is at work on a wireless smart device for knee reconstruction procedures…

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