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Learn more about VERASENSE through our product videos, in addition to video clips of various techniques surgeons utilize to improve soft-tissue balance and customize implant position using this dynamic sensor technology. For more information, contact the Orthosensor representative in your area.

Product Videos

Browse through our videos to learn how VERASENSE is transforming TKAs and the potential benefits to patients, TKA surgeons and hospitals.

Approach to Unfavorable Extension/Flexion Gap Conditions

Watch our surgeons perform various techniques to address unfavorable extension/flexion gap conditions using VERASENSE sensor-assisted TKA.

Varus Techniques

Surgery videos demonstrating different approaches to a varus knee while utilizing VERASENSE sensor-assisted TKA.

Valgus Techniques

In these videos, our surgeons demonstrate different approaches to correct a valgus knee while utilizing VERASENSE sensor-assisted TKA.

Other Techniques

Watch other techniques used by our surgeons to achieve stability and soft tissue balance, utilizing VERASENSE sensor-assisted TKA. These techniques reference tibiofemoral congruency and address effects of cementation.

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